A Smashed Display: What To Do About A TV That Has A Cracked Screen

Does your TV look like this?

TV with a cracked screen.

Lines might appear on a TV’s display for several reasons. Problems with a cable box or Blu Ray player connected to the TV might make odd lines appear on the TV. Sometimes a factory defect in a TV can caused an entire row pixels to fail on the display.

Line defect on a Vizio TV.

Notice in the above picture all the lines on the TV are perfectly straight. Pixels on a TV are arranged in straight vertical lines. So when pixels fail in a group they create lines like this.

A defect in the display like the one above is covered by the TV’s warranty. So if your warranty is still active contact Vizio right away so you can learn about your options for getting the TV replaced.

Physical damage to the display might look similar to a line defect but there are usually a couple of tell-tale signs indicating the problem. These lines can be diagonal, curved, in a zig zag pattern, or the display might have a spiderweb shaped crack.

Cracked TV display.

Smashed TV display.

Damaged Vizio TV.

Cracked Vizio TV.

These TVs have smashed displays. This is typically called non-manufacturing damage or NMD.

One important thing to note about TVs with this type of damage is the damage is usually behind the glass. The glass covering the display might be undamaged. It usually looks like the area behind the display is cracked.

A good rule of thumb is that if your TV screen looks cracked then it probably is.

What Can You Do If Your TV Display Is Cracked?


Vizio’s warranty does not cover physical damage and this type of problem cannot be repaired.

The panel of the display is not something that can be fixed. It would just need to be replaced. The display panel accounts for the vast majority of the TV’s original price. The cost of buying a new panel and having it installed on the TV can cost as much as a brand new television.

If your TV has this kind of display problem the only way to watch TV with a normal picture is to completely replace the TV.

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