Connecting Cable Service, Satellite Service, or Antenna Channels to A Vizio TV

If you’re setting up your TV for the first time you will want to make sure you can all available channels. Making sure all of your TV stations are available and have a clear picture is a quick process but the methods will vary depending on if you are using cable, satellite, or antenna channels.

Setting Up Cable or Satellite Service

There are different steps for activating cable or satellite service depending on whether or not you have a cable box or satellite box connected to the TV.

Using Cable TV Without A Cable Box

If you are  are activating cable TV but do not have a cable box connected you just need to scan for channels to begin watching your favorite programs.

How To Scan For Cable TV Channels

  1. Press the Input button on the remote control and select “TV”.
  2. Press the Menu button on the remote.
  3. Select “Tuner” and press OK.
  4. Check the “Tuner Mode” settings. It should say “Cable”. If it says “Antenna” press the left arrow button on the remote to change it to “Cable”.
  5. Go to “Auto Channel Scan” and press the OK button on the remote.

The TV will scan for channels. Once the progress bar on the TV screen reaches 100% you will be able to access all of your TV channels.

Using Your Vizio TV With A Cable Box Or Satellite Box

If you are using a cable box attach the available cords from box to the TV. The type of cords you are using will determine what you need to to next to see a channel.

If you are connecting your cable or satellite box using an HDMI cord you will change the input to the source labeled on the back of the TV. All the HDMI connections have a number printed near them. So if you connected your cable box to the HDMI connection labeled #1 then just press the input button on your remote and select HDMI-1. You will be able to see a picture immediately.

If the box is connected using a composite or component cord then change the input to Comp. A cable or satellite signal will immediately appear on the TV screen.

If your box is connected using a coax cord then you will need to change the input to TV. Then scan for channels. Follow the steps for channel scanning to finish activating the service.

Using Antenna Channels

All TV antennas connect with a coaxial connection. This is a type of cord that screws onto the back of your TV.

Coaxial cord

Coaxial Cord Connection

You just need to change the input of your TV then scan for channels.  Press the Input button on your Vizio remote. The TV will display the available inputs. You want to choose the option labeled “TV”.

Once you have the correct input chosen you just need to scan for channels.

How To Scan For Antenna Channels

  1. Press the Menu button on your Vizio remote
  2. Go to “Tuner” and press OK on the remote.
  3. The menu will have “Tuner Mode” listed at the top. Make sure this is set to Antenna. If it says Cable then change it to Antenna.
  4. Select “Auto Channel Scan” and press the OK button.

Once you choose to scan for channels the TV will look for the signal being broadcast to it from the antenna. It will have a percentage showing you the progress of the scan. Once it reaches 100% you can press the Exit button on your remote.

That’s it! Now you will be able to watch antenna TV channels.

If you have any questions or comments about using cable TV or antenna service please leave me a message in the comments section below.

23 thoughts on “Connecting Cable Service, Satellite Service, or Antenna Channels to A Vizio TV

  1. Shalonda

    my remote will not allow me to get to the tuner area. Once I scroll down and click on Guided Setup the remote gets stuck.

  2. Gregory Braley

    I just set up the whole house to use an outdoor antenna. All the TVs in the house pretty much get the same channels and the same reception. Except the Vizio TV will not receive a channel that all the other TVs get. So I took one of the other TVs and connected it in place of the Vizio and it receives that channel just fine. Is there any way to fine tune the channel selections? My guess would be that the tuner is just not set properly. The info bar at the top of the TV screen shows full bars of signal strength.

  3. Stephen Rabinowitz

    Have a Vizio 26″ it shows 11.1 & 11.2 on. Channel guide but on 11.1 I receive no signal but 11.2 receives ok. All my other tv’s on same outdoor antenna receives 11.1. Any ideas why.

  4. Jennifer

    I have digital cable in all my rooms. My tv was hooked up in one room and I moved it to mine, now it only reads analog channels and no digital channels at all. I don’t know what I am doing wrong.

  5. Roger Schnur

    We have the TV connected via HDMI1 to our Verizon FIOS. We also have a Sega Genesis video game with a coaxial connector. When I connect it, I cant figure out how to get the TV to recognize the game input as being the coaxial. What do I need to do with the settings so the TV sees it as an alternative input source?

  6. Minea Akbal

    Once I get to the turner section, there’s not option for antenna. And even when i press scan channels just to see what happens nothing does…. There’s only two options TV and cable, even though my antenna can be plugged in the tv. What should I do ?

  7. Mark Maguire

    My Vizio ultra hiDef P502ui-B1E menu section does not show Tuner, at all. I think I managed to do the same thing by going to the Guided Setup. It did a scan for antenna. It did not pick up any channels. I’m using TREK HDTVa antenna. There are plenty of over-the-air channels in this area of southern New Hampshire.


    trying to create reception from “off air” nbcsports network t.v. in st.louis mkt area.
    without using converter box. in other words ant. to t.v. via coax.

  9. jennmoonn

    You can use iDealshare VideoGo to convert any video to Vizio TV preferred one like convert WMV to Vizio TV, convert AVI to Vizio TV, convert MP4 to Vizio TV, etc,

  10. Traci Godwin

    We are usong the flat RCA antenna on a Vizio tv we are getting all the local channels except for 13-1,13-2,13-3. They are offered in our area. We just moved but got them all from where we moved from. Any suggestions?

  11. Maria Contreras

    I scan it but it isn’t giving me any channals. I had channels before but i was missi g some so i tryed rescaning and that where i lost all my channels

  12. Timothy Hadley

    What happens if you’ve done auto scan search under both Antenna and cable but the display you keep getting says “No Channels In Master List” what does that mean and what do you do then ?

  13. Margaret Grissom

    where is the cable input on the tv??? I was told AFTER I bought the tv that vizio is the only tv that does not have that feature this year. I was told at Best Buy that I have to have a receiver box to between the antenna box and the tv. ? why want I told this while I was buying it? oh, and the receiver box is another $60 at BB.

  14. Coral Adams

    Im using a antenna to my vizio im getting all the channels it connect to beside four.I can hear the picture just can’t see the picture.would u happen to know what the problem is? I hope!

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