Display Problems With Vizio E701i-A3 And E701i-A3E TVs

Vizio E701i-A3E television with a dark spot on the display.

There are three different problems that are very common on these TV models.

  • The TV does not show a picture but audio still works.
  • White spots appearing on the display.
  • Dark areas on the display.

Models E701i-A3 and E701i-A3E exhibit these display problems more often than other models of Vizio TVs. Vizio Inc knows about the problems and are taking full responsibility to ensure that people who own these TVs with these problems get satisfaction.

Keep in mind that just because you own an E701i-A3 or an E701i-A3E that doesn’t mean that your TV will have these problems. If your TV is working fine now there is no reason to worry. Most of the TVs do not exhibit any unusual display problems but if your TV is having issues there are ways to resolve the problems.

Let’s explore each one the problems in depth and discuss your options to resolve them.

No Video. Has Audio.

If your TV does not display a picture but still plays sound through the speakers this is typically an issue with the T-con board inside the TV.

If the TV only displays a black screen press the MENU button on the remote. If the menu appears on the display then the display is working normally and the black screen would be caused by a problem with the source the TV is connected to.

If the MENU doesn’t appear this is likely a T-con board problem and cannot be resolved without service. This isn’t an issue that Vizio is attempting to repair. They are instead replacing TVs that have this problem.

White Spots On The Display

White spots on a Vizio E701i-A3 television screen.

White spots present on the display is caused by a panel defect. The white spots are sometimes difficult to see. They are usually not prominent unless the TV displays a picture with a lot of white or other light colors.

White spots on a E701i-A3 TV.

If you see these spots try testing different signal sources with the TV like a cable box, DVD player, video game console, or the built in internet apps. This is a panel issue if the white spots are visible on two or more of the sources or inputs you use.

Dark Areas On The Display

Dark patch on a Vizio TV.

Some areas of the display may be darker than others. The location of the dark spots on the display might be random. There are a couple of things you will want to test if your TV looks like this.

Partial backlight issue on a Vizio TV.

First try testing multiple inputs and devices. You might want to try cable TV, an internet app like Netflix, and maybe a DVD player. If you can see the same dark spots when watching a signal from all these devices then this is a display problem that Vizio can handle.

What Do You Do If You Have These Problems?

Vizio is taking responsibility for these issues.

New Vizio TVs typically come with a 12 month warranty when purchased but the warranty has been extended to 2 years for the E701i-A3 and E701i-A3E units that have white spots, dark patches, or black screen problems. Vizio has extended the warranty for the for theses TVs for these issues only.

If you have display problems on the TV it will be covered by Vizio. Contact Vizio at 877-698-4946. A Vizio rep will ask you to email the receipt to verify the date the TV was purchased. If you no longer have the receipt many retailers will reprint it for you if you can show them the serial number of the device or the card number the TV was purchased with.

Vizio will typically replace TVs with these problems. They will send delivery people to your home to drop off the replacement TV and take away the original TV. This is referred to as an onsite-swap or OSS.

If you happen to have an E701i-A3 or E701i-A3E TV and it is older than two years you should still contact Vizio anyway. They may still be able to replace the TV or offer a discounted price for a new TV.

Do you have any questions about these models or display problem. Please share in the comments section below. Remember to like this page on Facebook and share on Twitter. Thanks for reading!

84 thoughts on “Display Problems With Vizio E701i-A3 And E701i-A3E TVs

  1. Rod

    Mine is just over 2 years old, failed, and I was told there was nothing they could do for me….period. This is ridiculous, Vizio should be ashamed of themselves.

  2. Frank Sutton

    My replacement TV developed white spots after about a month. I called Vizio and they are now sending an upgraded model!

  3. Bob Templeton

    Thank you for this article. I purchased my E701i-A3 in April 2014. I called the number you provided above and a professional-behaving, English-speaking American assisted me. My new TV is on the way. I hope it lasts. I was told the new TV carries a 90 day warranty or the original TVs warranty…which ever is longer. So for me it’s the 90 day warranty. We’ll see…fingers crossed.

  4. amab011

    I purchased my M701d-A3 in 2014. It has the same dark shadow spot as shown above on the E701i-A3 that Vizio has admitted to being their problem by extending the warranty. I called customer service and was told it was out of warranty and I would have to have it repaired myself. Someone had to be the first to report the E701i-A3 problem. I would think after paying $2200 for a TV it would las more than 24 months and Vizio would stand behind their product. I’ll just watch it until it completely blacks out then buy a more reputable brand. If you are considering a Vizio, go to another brand. Vizio is a disposable brand.

    Poor quality, poor service.

  5. Bob Templeton

    The TV was replaced without any issues. No more spots. The 90 day warranty will last until mid-June. If the new one is going to fail as well, hopefully it will do so within that time.

  6. Geoffrey Aleen

    Like many other reviewers and people I see online they have spent close to $4,000.00 on this T.V. It seemed great until 1 year after I started getting the big black spot that everyone is talking about. I have called vizio to no help whatsoever. I strongly feel that we need to get a class action lawsuit on this to get our tv’s fixed or reimbursed for a bad product sold at a premium price.

    Just talked with Josie at vizio , Refused to help in any way. Anyone else with a issue on this tv please contact me as I am starting a class action lawsuit

  7. kayla s

    I have contacted vizio due to my tv having the white spots. due to my tv being 1 month and 12 days past their “extended warrenty” they are currently refusing to do anything for me. I have argued and spoke with the manager and he is currently sending my tv photos to the claims department. If they do not do anything I am willing to go further. If this is a known issue with their product so much that they have offered an extended warrenty then they should stand behind their tv no matter what. I will be interested in joining you with a class action lawsuit.

  8. Justin Fleming

    Please update with your progress on this? I am 3 months passed the extended warranty on mine. Visio said they couldn’t help me. i understand one off malfunctions but this is a widespread issue and for the price I paid on this TV I’m hoping they’ll replace it.

  9. Joseph Hill

    I am interested in joining a class action lawsuit as well. My tv developed the same issues just a few weeks outside of their “extended” warranty period.

  10. Geoffrey Aleen

    The worst customer servine on the planet. I will never buy vizio again. I did however but a square trade warranty. They have concluded my tv be unrepairable and issues me a complete refund. That means these things are so cheaply made they can not fix them. Vizio even told me that while on the phone. That the TV’s are just replaced not repair. This should be a illegal practice and vizio should have to pay deerly for selling such junk and not standing behind the product.

  11. Joseph Hill

    I am interested in joining a class action lawsuit as well. My tv developed the same issues just a few weeks outside of their “extended” warranty period. The models in question should have been recalled.

  12. Seth

    I have the same tv and got the same isue. At forst appeared few horizontal lines on screen then %60 of screen turned dark. And i have it only 8 months. What should we do?

  13. Tony A

    Vizio will not help at all. They say that I am stuck with this TV with the ever increasing white spots. They admit that it is a defect; but want me to buy a new TV.
    Please read thru the emails below:


    VIZIO is not going to replace the unit, as your TV is out of warranty.

    Best Regards!



    800 Stevens Port Drive Suite DD750

    Dakota Dunes SD 57049

    Sent: 3/18/2016 3:31 PM

    To: customersupport@vizio.com

    Cc: tony

    Subject: RE: bright spots [ ]

    Are you not going to replace this with a newer unit that has the known

    problem fixed?

    —–Original Message—–

    From: Tony

    Sent: Friday, March 18, 2016 12:11 PM

    To: ‘customersupport@vizio.com’

    Subject: RE: bright spots [ ]

    But, this is a known defect that is across the board.

    Is there a class action lawsuit involved?

    —–Original Message—–

    From: customersupport@vizio.com

    Sent: Friday, March 18, 2016 12:09 PM

    To: tony

    Subject: RE: bright spots [ ]


    Your VIZIO is out of warranty. You may check our outlet for discounts

    towards the purchase of a replacement TV if you wish.

    Best regards!



    From: Tony

    Sent: 3/18/2016 11:08 AM

    To: customersupport@vizio.com

    Subject: RE: bright spots [ ]

    Are you saying that I am stuck with this defective TV?

    —–Original Message—–

    From: customersupport@vizio.com

    Sent: Friday, March 18, 2016 11:33 AM

    To: tony

    Subject: Re: bright spots [ ]


    Based on your serial number your VIZIO is out of warranty.

    If you need our assistance again in the future you can contact us by chat at

    http://chat.vizio.com or by phone at

    Thanks and have a great day!




    From: Tony

    Sent: 3/18/2016 8:43 AM

    To: customersupport@vizio.com

    Subject: Re: bright spots [ ]

    > On Mar 18, 2016, at 9:11 AM, “customersupport@vizio.com”



    > Tony-


    > What is your serial number?


    > If you need our assistance again in the future you can contact us by

    > chat

    at http://chat.vizio.com or by phone at


    > Thanks and have a great day!


    > Stormi

    > From: [tony

    > Sent: 3/16/2016 12:28 PM

    > To: customersupport@vizio.com


    > Subject: Re: bright spots [ ]


    > Stormi,


    > So now it seems that I am getting a run-around.


    > I already called before writing to you for the first time, and did the

    diagnosing with them, and they then told me to email you.


    > This is a known problem as I have discovered on the web.


    > So now I need help with my TV.


    > tony


    > —– Original Message —–


    > From: customersupport@vizio.com

    > To: tony

    > Sent: Sunday, March 13, 2016 10:33:40 AM

    > Subject: RE: bright spots [ ]


    > Tony-


    > I apologize your VIZIO is still not working properly. Please call

    technical support at 1-888-849-4623 or chat with us at chat.vizio.com so

    your issue can be further diagnosed.


    > Best regards!


    > Stormi

    > VIZIO

    > 800 Stevens Port Drive Suite DD750

    > Dakota Dunes SD 57049

  14. misty Smith

    Hello, i have a 80 inch 6 months after a bought i had the issue but couldnt find receipt or get verifications from store. Now i just found this im going to file with BBB. If we all file at same time we will get satisfaction. Im going to link this site to my complaint

  15. Dan Zukowski

    I have the issue with sound and backlight, no video, called and they said I am on my own so time to join in on this class action thing. My TV was $2600 new and lasted 13 months.

  16. Brian Rachel Pawlowski

    I have this model 70 inch and my screen all the sudden went black when the audio still came out meanwhile his ego doesn’t want to do anything for me so I just wasted $1,000 on the TV that I could only use for two-and-a-half years great product

  17. Brian Rachel Pawlowski

    I also would be interested in any class action suit because it doesn’t make sense if they call it a defect and its a defect its not a defect if it does happen or doesn’t happen is a defect just because it could happen and a widespread way

  18. Geoffrey Aleen

    I went on the Vizio Facebook page and complained. Guess who looked up my file and called me trying to help VIZIO! Be loud go on facebook and social media tell your story.

  19. Rowdy Jordan

    I’m in the same boat with you! 3 months outside the extended warranty. I spent an hour on the phone with them just last week, and they are supposedly “considering a warranty exception”. I just talked to them today, no decision yet. I’m really pissed over this one, lol

  20. Brian White

    I had one of the 70in tvs with the white spots and vizio replaced it but with the same model with only a 90 day warranty, now after the 90 days i now have the spots again and they tell me it is no longer covered under their warranty, glad i purchased the extended warranty from Sams Club, now waiting on another replacement, just hope its a diff model!!!

  21. Laura Parra

    We purchased the 70 inch smart TV and had problems with it as well. They replaced it with another one but had the same issue. We called and they said we were out of warranty and they couldn’t do anything about it. They don’t want to take responsibility, they know that they’re selling defective TVs and don’t care to fix the issue.

  22. John Obednikovski

    I just called Vizio about my 70in and they told me there is nothing they can do about it. They even had the audacity to sell me another TV; as they said at a deeply discounted rate. The rate was $100.00 less than I can buy it in a store!

    What a bunch of con artists. This is even after I showed proof of purchase. I will never buy another product from this piece of Shit company. Spread the word this organization is a scam. Thank you.

  23. wxxxxx117

    Has anyone found the solution yet? is there a lawsuit ? my tv has the problems listed and i would like a refund or replacement.

  24. Jackie1

    ANyone else having this isses? My m801-d A3 now has black spot. I bought extended warranty from Costco when I bought the tv a few years ago. Any advice?

  25. Jackie1

    ANyone else having this isses? My m801-d A3 now has black spot. I bought extended warranty from Costco when I bought the tv a few years ago. Any advice? Will the black cloudy spot get worse over time? What causes it

  26. Meghan

    I got mine replaced with in my warranty, because of large dark spots, and was told the new tv had a warranty. Turns out the warranty that Vizio was talking about was the warranty on the original tv, which expired a month after we got the new tv. The new E701i started getting white spots. When my husband got back from some time over seas he called and they told him the warranty was up, because we were out of a 90 day window of having the tv and the original warranty was up. Again, they told me the tv had a warranty. I guess it was wrong of me to assume that they would give me a new warranty for the new tv not just lump the new tv on the old warranty. Now I read that they extended the warranty but when we called they had not and now we are out of the two year window for the original tv. We are still in the two year window for the new tv but that is not what they go off of they go off of the warranty purchase date not the TV received date.

  27. Jackie1

    Meghan, where did you purchase the tv from?

    secondly, the tv that had the black spots. When you first noticed them, did the spots tend to get WORSE over time? Or did they stay the same size as time went on??

  28. RoseAnn

    Did anyone ever file a class action? I. Spent almost 4k on this TV and it’s got a huge black spot on the screen.

  29. RoseAnn

    I’m interested in a class action suit as well. My TV is now a 4k paperweight. I’m completely disgusted with Vizio and their cheap product.

  30. Chase windell

    Ok I have a e701-a3. Talked to vizio they pretty much said I am on my own, called the service that they have me to fix it and that service won’t even touch it because of the recall. They want to use every ecuse on why they don’t have to make it right. Reguardless of serial number when I have models that are recalled by model not serial and u have to take care of them all and not screw your customers especially disabled vets.

  31. mr fixit


    i can help with alllllll out of warranty E series vizio tvs with the symptoms listed in this forum , i handle everything from proof of purchase to setting up the delivery with your actual replacement unit ,

    i have experience with e70i1-a3

    successfully replaced with

    vizio e70-c3 https://www.vizio.com/e70c3.html
    check link for tv

    i can provide pictures of previous jobs and email confirmations!

    i dont really have a set price for this service , im more geared to help those who have gone thru what i have gone thru with this company , as i was a e701i owner myself ,


    FEEL FREE TO TEXT ME : 845 608 8387


  32. Brian H Mullins

    My Vizio 70″ is taking a crap as well all of my “smart functions” have quit working, i cant even access my menu functions to try and ‘hard reset’ my tv. I have contacted vizio and of course I am “outside the 2 year mark” when I purchased it in December 2014, (23 months ago, family Christmas present) But, vizio says im on my own, The aren’t willing to help at all.

  33. disqus_CnOucCz9uW

    I just got off the phone with them and they won’t help me either,gave me the # to a tech department,I’m about 6 months over the extended warranty,my TV has the black spot and the white spots,noticed about a year ago but just thought one of the kids hit it with something,I’m very disappointed in vizio’s customer service. Any updates on the class action lawsuit?

  34. Jackie1

    You really should go in person and talk to the manager at best buy and tell him the situation. Also, print out some of this thread showing how others are having this same issue.

    I did this and I don’t want to go into the details here, but they should help you.

  35. Ricky McKie

    Did you message them on fb or just comment on one of they’re posts? I don’t see an option to post on they’re page

  36. amine

    It’s a lie. All Visio Tvs have this problem. I purchased a 60 inch Visio model e60 c3 and its having the dark spots after 13 months.one month after the warranty expired. They told me that they can’t replace it and offer me a discount to purchase a new tv. The discount was exactly the price of the tv in Walmart . Visio doesn’t protect there customer. It’s sad

  37. Geoffrey Aleen

    All I can say is go to social media, Write reviews and lets start a class action. Vizio refused to help me and ignored my claims. The stress alone of trying to deal with these people we deserve not only refunds , But compensation. FYI Vizio executives told me that no other known issues with these tv’s are known. Complete liars.

  38. Jackie1

    That is wrong,. they will help. Don’t take no for an answer and drop the ball just because you were told NO once. Go up the ladder, until you get a supervisor, and if that supervisor doesn’t help, call back until you get one that does care. I have a brand new 2016 tv that I paid nothing for due to this,.

  39. Jackie1

    That is wrong,. Go to where you bought it first, and talk to a manager, Before you call the company. Don’t take no for an answer and drop the ball just because you were told NO once. Go up the ladder, until you get a supervisor, and if that supervisor doesn’t help, call back until you get one that does care. I have a brand new 2016 tv that I paid nothing for due to this,.

  40. Patti McTee

    I’m in. Saved for years to afford this TV after becoming legally blind. I could see it pretty good until it got the whole black band thing. Now it covers about 70* of my screen and Visio doesn’t care at all. You can reach me at patti.mctee@gmail.com to join the law suit.

  41. axton47

    Do the white spots grow progressively worse? Or are the spots I’m seeing now going to be the only ones?

  42. Liam

    This people at Vizio are unbelievable! I have a1 1/2 yr old 65 inches that is now garbage due to white spots. They won’t even offer a discount on another tv. They claim it’s not a common problem. From what I’ve seen it is a very common problem among vizio tvs. I guarantee I will never buy another Vizio television ever again. I will make sure to tell all my family and friends about the horrible customer service that is offered Vizio or in this case not offered by them and the cheap products they put out, and not stand behind them.

  43. Kelly Roberts Alexander

    I want on the class action lawsuit. I bought my70″ Vizio LED from Sam’s Club. It has the white dots all over it. Why would they not recall all these TV’s?

  44. Cheryl Yoder

    I have the same problem exactly. I called Vizio and they offered to give me another one without the 3D, of course, for $1000.00. They also said they would send a repairman out and it would cost me $136. If it worked, great; but If it didn’t, I only had to pay $70 and they would pay the rest. I had to sign a disclaimer stating I could do no more with Vizio and this TV. Hell no I wouldn’t do this! I already had a repairman out and he couldn’t fix it. He offered me $40 for it:). No way. Only 13 months ago I paid $2600. I will never buy another Vizio! I would like to join the class action lawsuit also!

  45. Dan Zukowski

    I got the BBB involved, created a complaint and they replaced the TV with a refurbished model.

  46. Ronald Crumpton

    RC from North Georgia. I have one of their big ass smart TVs. Half the screen went dark well I did not have the receipt when I contacted them. Around 12/2/16 so I got a hold of Walmart got the receipt they looked at the photos acted really concerned. Then said oops your past our one year warranty period by about 15 days. Said they would give me a discount on a brand new television which was actually more then I paid for this one. Go figure! now here’s the catch off my daughter’s phone was a picture of a new story she took accidentally .The news story was in October on CNN Matching the same one that I took on Fox but I’m not as smart as her I guess. Because my photo cut off what the new story was about her photo included the new story. Well with a little Google , it showed the two news story was ran October 31st 2016 ! And of course it showed the TV half Dark Half normal. But the real Clincher is on Google there was a picture of a group of people much smaller but zoomed in that are the same ones on my daughter and my phone pics of the television. You don’t have to be a detective to figure this one out. That photo was took when that program was on television in October 31st and the Google photo backs it up. Which coincidentally makes the television going bad a month before the year was up .Well Vizio practically accused me of photochopping and also somehow putting the news story on Google neither one I haven’t a clue how to do. LOL So when they figured out they weren’t photochopped they said I waited too long to turn it into them I won’t go into the Walmart story about the receipt again. Then I demanded to know how many complaints were made last year they would not tell me. But they asked me why ! I said because my next question was how many TVs did you replace? Because I have a funny feeling the answer to 0. I agree let’s sue the sons of b******.

  47. mane man

    “Stormi” must be a bot or something!! my 70in screen went black but still has sound..but because my model # (mines has an E at the end) isnt under the recalled models they dont give a shit…

  48. Dan

    I am also interested in a class action law suit as well, i called today i bought mine april 2014. After i saw this thread. I noticed the white dots about a year after we got it. I thought the kids did something to it, my tv now has the black blob as well which prompted me to look it up. Vizio admits there is a problem with these tv’s thats why they extended our warranty to 2 years. We never use the tv unless we are in the room. They offered me a discount on a new tv only. There is no way i would buy a Vizeo again!!!!!! Horrible customer service. Maybe if we used our tv more the problem would have came up earlier. Spend that much money on a tv and it doesn’t even last 3 years. Everyone told me not to buy a vizio because their junk. Well proof is in the pudding folks.

  49. frank

    Have you tried a reset? 1. Unplug the power cord. 2. Hold down the power button on the left side of the TV for 10 seconds. 3. Plug it back in and try it.

  50. Mark Grant

    I have a Vizio E701-A3E 70″ TV and also had the extended warranty. Three months after the warranty ended I had a horizontal line, big black spot, and a double picture. I call Vizio and they said they couldn’t help me because the warranty expired. They also said this has been an on going problem but would give me $200.00 off a new TV, what are they crazy! If they knew this was an on going problem with these TV’s then there should have been a recall. I’m also going to file a claim with the BBB and hopefully get some kind of help. If there’s ever a class action lawsuit please count me in, I’ll never buy from Vizio again!

  51. Will Lusk

    The problem causing this is a bad t con board…I had the same dark shadows..started small and grew until it covered most of the screen..I could still see the picture but the backlight in these spots was very dim…ordered a new t con board from shop jimmy’s for $19…unscrewed the back of the tv..unscrewed the plate covering the t con board…t con board it self has 4 screws and 2 plugs..replaced it, put tv back together and the problem was fixed…took about 20 min

  52. Jackie1

    Wait, the artilve above says that only fixes with you have no picuture at all, are you saying this fixes the dark black spots people have? I thought that was from bad LED’s?

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