Fix Power Problems In 5 Easy Steps: What To Do When Your Vizio TV Won’t Power On

Vizio TV power cord plugging into a power outlet.

Do you know what to do when your TV won’t turn on?

Any electronic device can have power problems. These can be caused by component failure inside the TV, power surges, or wiring problems in your home.

Power problems might require service or replacing parts inside the TV. Before you try to use your warranty service or pay to have the TV repaired, there are several quick methods you can use to get your TV working. These steps are quick and require no tools. With any luck your TV will be working within minutes!

How Do You Know If Your TV Has A Power Issue?

Anytime the TV does not display a picture and is not playing any audio through the speakers, the TV likely has a power problem.

Most Vizio TVs have a power light in the lower left corner of the TV. It lights up whenever the power button is pressed. It is normal for the power indicator to light up then turn off after a few moments. The power light might still light up even if the rest of the TV is not on.

How To Fix Power Problems in 5 Easy Steps

1. Verify The Display Is Not Showing An Image

Vizio TV menu

If your TV shows a black screen that doesn’t mean it’s not on. This could be a panel or a source issue rather than a problem with the power.

Press the MENU button on your remote or on the side of the TV. If the TV’s menu appears on the screen after pressing that button then the TV is on and does not have a power issue. The black screen is more likely the result of a source issue such as a problem with cable or satellite TV service.

2. Use The Power Button On The TV Instead Of The Remote

TV power button on the back.

A problem with the remote might make you think there is a problem with the TV. It could be that the TV is working fine but the remote is faulty. Use the power button on the side of the TV determine if the problem is caused by the remote.

Users sometimes think there are no buttons on Vizio TVs. Nearly every Vizio TV manufactured in 2014 or later has a power button on the back of the TV so it’s easy to miss.

Reach around the lower left corner of the TV. The power button is on the back of the TV and this might be just what you need to get your TV working.

TVs made before 2014 will have an on/off button on the left or right side.

If this button works then the problem is coming from the remote. You might just need new batteries or there may be something blocking the IR sensor on the TV.

3. Power Cycle The TV

Power cord plug.

Power cycling can solve a lot of odd problems with Vizio TVs.

First disconnect the TV’s power cord from the power outlet and leave it unplugged. Then press and hold the power button on the TV for 10 seconds.

After you have held the button for 10 seconds, let go then try to power the TV on.

4. Re-seat The Power Cord


A loose power cord might be causing the problem. The power cord can be detached from most Vizio TVs. It can easily get disconnected by house pets or if the TV is moved while cleaning.

Unplug the power cord from the back of the TV, reconnect it again, then test the TV.

5. Test The TV When Connected To A New Outlet

Power outlet.

Verify the TV is using a functioning wall outlet.

You always want to attempt to power the TV on using a second outlet. Test a new outlet even if other devices work in the first outlet.

Connect the TV’s power cord to a new outlet that you have not used used yet then test the TV again. Don’t use a surge protector when using a new power outlet because these devices can sometimes be the source of the problem.

If the TV works now then it was the original outlet that was causing the problem all along.

Is The TV Working Now?

Hopefully your TV is on after trying one of the above steps.

If your TV still isn’t working then it has an issue that needs to be repaired. You might be able to have your TV repaired under warranty so contact Vizio. Maybe the satellite dish has been touched, but you can have roof top services from a technician of Vizio. A technical support rep will explain what options you have to fix your TV.

If you have any further questions or comments please leave them in the comments below. Remember to like this page on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Thank for reading!

121 thoughts on “Fix Power Problems In 5 Easy Steps: What To Do When Your Vizio TV Won’t Power On

  1. Justin Garza

    My vizio tv worked fine last night and try turning it on this morning and can’t get it to power up? I tried disconnecting all wires and still nothing? TV is a little over a year old.

  2. bct1984

    Ok, had a power outage. TV had no juice for hours after power came back. Left it unplugged, tried it tonight after 24 hours and the Vizio logo lights up showing it has power but doesn’t turn on. I cycled the power but nothing. What could this be? Power received but not turning on?

  3. Lee Glass

    My Vizio tv stopped turning on unless it was off for at least one hour. It would just try for a second and cut off, sometimes not even showing the Vizio sign. That was a two day window. Now, it just flat out doesn’t work. Of course, I purchased it at the end of 2014, which puts it barely outside of the one year warranty range. Unless they fix it free of charge, I’m starting/joining a social media campaign to make people aware they should boycott Vizio. I’m furious.

  4. Eduardo Cereto Carvalho

    I’m also having this problem now. Vizio ESeries 5034, 13 months old. Noticed a few weeks ago where it would take 2 or 3 tries to turn TV on. It has slowly gotten worse, now it’s really hard to turn it on. I read somewhere that this might be caused by defective capacitors on main board. I have 0 experience with this kind of stuff, but since a repair costs $300 in my area I might try to change the capacitors myself, repair is pretty much the price of a new TV

  5. Pete Giannopoulos

    Purchased a little over a year ago. Was watching last week. When I hit Power, the light on the frame of the TV lights up, screen doesn’t react, then the light fades and goes out.

  6. Michael Allen Reyome

    My TV had been out 4 days, power cycling as per this article got me up and running. I unplugged my TV, and then held my remote power button down for 10 seconds. Plugged the TV back on and voila!
    Thank you!


    @petegiannopoulos:disqus I have this EXACT same problem. light fades out. First I had sound and no picture ( so I thought) what I REALLY had was a VERY FAINT picture with flashing, you could only see it in the complete dark. Now I have NO SOUND, still the faint picture. DID YOU FIND OUT A SOLUTION YET?? TRIED POWER CYCLE AND NOTHING, THIS TV IS ONLY 2YRS OLD…

  8. cody

    lol I just got mine to turn on, I have a touch button bottom left, and I wasnt holding it down long enough.

  9. Andrews

    #3 worked perfectly – unplugged, held power button for 10 sec, and plugged back in – came right back on – thank you!

  10. disqus_BN24zyW96f

    I’ll join in on that. Just happened this weekend at the 18 month mark, almost to the day!

  11. prince

    i am having the same issue idk what to do. i just got home and like, i can still hear everything on it but the white light on the bottom left corner fades out. but i can still hear sound. what did you do to fix problem?

  12. MandaLouM

    The main power board is causing a lot of problems with these TVs. If your tv is out of warranty and you like techy stuff, you can open it up and try to fix it. But not on plasmas, those don’t repair the same. Mine is 70″ LED. I bought a power board from a highly rated tech store on Ebay for like 20bucks. I replaced it and the tv was fixed. I heard a lot about it being the TCom board, but when I opened mine up I could see one of the capacitors on the main board had signs of being overheated. If you want to buy all the boards “just in case” I think I spent maybe $100 all together for them. Better than paying another couple grand for a new TV. If you don’t trust ebay, go to On shop Jimmy you can search for parts by your make/ model of tv. Or when you open up your tv, your boards will have the part number on them.

  13. Kodjo

    Hi guys. I had the same issue. But after tried your description it is back to normal for I while and when back again. I unplugged hit power button for 10 second and wait and it works. It might be the heat issue inside the power circuit. I also relocated the TV from my hvac
    system. Thanks.

  14. Patti Rivera

    I had cable/internet connected to my Visio internet tv, & after about an hour, my tv froze up for a few minutes, then went into self diagnostic testing, & now I can only get the Visio logo when I turn on the tv. And I can’t turn it on or off or use the remote at all nor can I use the Manuel buttons on the side of the tv. It only turns on when I plug it in. The power light flashes on & off for about a minute then just stays in a pale Visio emblem screen?
    Any ideas?

  15. Patti Rivera

    Oh, btw, I tried all the power cycling they mentioned, I’ve moved my tv to several locations, changed the power cord even, and changed cable boxes, & disconnected cable, nothing works. Can’t get an input or menu screen either.

  16. oust hairy

    After a couple of days of the tv turning on w/a black screen and turning on and off making awful noises it just quit. I tried #3 and much to my surprise it worked!! It just sounded strange but I am so happy!!! I thought I’d have to buy a new tv.

  17. silver mount

    I purchased this tv because it and Vizio had a good review and the picture was great and it had a lot of desirable features. Less than two years later, and thankfully was still under warranty, the tv died. They said it was the power supply and apparently this is a know issue. Vizio customer support was great and since it was still under warranty, they sent us a refurbished model of the same tv. I wouyld have preferred a new set since that is what I paid for but, I felt it was still better than no tv. Less than six months later guess what? Yes, that tv died. Now they are sending a lesser refurbished model. Again, better than nothing, but I will never buy another Vizio based on being so unreliable. Two years, two tvs fried. I expect this replacement will only last a matter of months

  18. Gerald Robin Caudillo

    Exact thing happened to me right now. Is yours fixed? What happened?

  19. Jason

    My Vizio does the same thing.. Complete piece of crap. If the tv is left plugged in after watching it that night before, it often won’t turn back on the next day.. The power light lights up, but no picture is illuminated.

    If we unplug the tv the night after we watch it and then plug it in right before we watch it the next day, then there are no issues and it works fine. Of course, this happens about 15mths outside of the warranty. Luckily, I purchased the tv with my Amex, so they refunded me for the $330 estimated repair, but I now don’t have any faith in Vizio’s products. Terrible company with a sh*t product.

  20. Fred Herman

    I have a Vizio 42″ E422VA over a yr old so out of warranty. 3 mo ago the HDMI ports started Not working, now the TV does Not turn on. I opened the TV short circuited the fuse and still not working. PLEASE BOICOT VIZIO THEY SELL TRASH TV’s!!

  21. Kathleen M. Tripp

    Yep, we had various minor problems with tv from day 1 but would call Vizio and get some minor help for a while. We bought our tv from Costco so 2 yr. manufacturing Warranty but never thought to call Costco Conciege always went through Vizio they don’t know 1/2 of what they should for their tech. support. When we just passed the 2 yr. mark the problems magnified by quadruple and we kept thinking “oh, the next firmware update will resolve all isues”, and sometimes it helped a little sometimes not. Luckily we paid for extended Squaretrade Warranty and now working on getting a repair but have so many issues don’t think 1 repair item will resolve all so hoping that they will have to replace it… 🙂 Next time buying a Samsung….

  22. deeluk

    ugh, same happened to me, except mine was totally fine this morning and by night, it would show the logo and reboot over and over again.

  23. Sam

    I got a good 2-3 yrs service out of my E39-A1 then it started the on/off thing becoming more persistent as time went by. I did the factory reset thing…changed all the electrical connections even dedicated an outlet to it…the one thing that did help temporarily was to unplug it then hold the on/off button down for 30 or more seconds to discharge the capacitors….seems like that’s a bugaboo for all things electric these days…PC’s, mouse, KBs… you name it they all seem to build up a static electricity of sorts that makes ’em act funny.
    My last resort will be to take it apart and change capacitors to a higher threshold.

  24. Travis Forshee

    Vizeo tv is a piece of crap.. Unless Vizeo repairs the tv ( I’m barely outside of my warranty ) I will never buy another Vizeo product and will do everything I can to prevent any and all customers from wasting their money. Wow I feel like I’ve been scammed

  25. John Thomas

    I don’t understand how if so many people are having the same problem with the company why nothing is done… No one has money to waste on what they think is a good investment for entertainment. I am really pissed!!!

  26. John Cichon

    My vizio TV logo keeps blinking on and off and turns on by its self but no picture comes on. It keeps repeating this I unplugged and pressed the power button but nothing is working.

  27. Gail Coffey

    I bought my first Visio 2-5-15. The piece of crap didn’t last 8 months. The picture kept turning off. I called customer service. One lady called me a bold face liar. According to her I’m an idiot. I thankfully bought the extended warrenty and had the TV replaced. What a joke… It was replaced 9 months ago and it’s already having the same issue. I’m So SICK of this crap.

  28. muntaz skaf

    my tv will not come on and two years a go i pay like over 1000 and i have the 60in e600i-b3 and one day this bicth not coming on i hank i lost my money so now days we have to keep renew the tv and thats sad i want this tv last 5 years i wont trip

  29. effamae

    My TV is only two years old also and might be a little less than that. I turned it off when I left the room. An hour later I come back and there is no picture just like you describe. Did you notice a dark smudge across the screen prior to this incident? I called Vizio and they offered me another tv for $200 more than all the local stores were selling them. Plus the stores had free delivery. We’re screwed.

  30. MBB

    My Vizio is only 2 years old. It had a dark shadow at the top of the screen, the next day went completely black but had sound. Now no picture or sound. The indicator light, lights up, then slowly fades. I am so ticked off. They offered to fix it for $309.50. I might as well put that into a new tv that isn’t Vizio.

  31. Alien Affliction Cycles

    i had watched mine before going out for the evening and short story i ended up in the hospital. when i came home thinking i can relax in bed and watch tv and heal up it would not even power on. no indicator light no hum no nothing just a black screen. called vizio and no solution. i have no money for a new one because of medical, talk about long boring days. anyone have any ideas?

  32. buster

    I just bought a Vizio 4 days ago and the only way it will shut off is when I unplug it. I tried all the steps and still keeps turning back on after about 5 seconds. Going to return it!!!

  33. Bill Cee

    I have a year old e500i-b1 that when I push the power button, the light comes on, then after about 1-2 seconds it goes off and I get nothing.

    I’ve tried holding the power button in for 30seconds, a different power cord, disconnecting all devices from the inputs, etc. nothing works.

    when it first started happening, if we left it off for a couple of hours or overnight, it would come back on. Now it won’t stay on at all.

    Also, tried the flashlight test, don’t see anything.

    So I guess add me to the list.

  34. Ryan Jensen

    I bought a Vizio E500i-b. At first, my television would turn on with audio but no video. So I unplugged it and left it alone for a while. Then I could turn it back on and it would work.
    A few days ago my television “died” while I was watching a movie. The audio made a squealing sound, the video became corrupt, and the TV shut off all in a second or two. Now the TV doesn’t turn on any more. My problems sound very similar to other people’s problems. I don’t know why Vizio isn’t paying customers to ship back the failed television so they can figure out how their products are failing and correct the issue on new products. The TV is only 2 years old and it died. There goes $600. Vizio doesn’t want to make things right. I can’t believe how awful their customer service is. I will never buy another Vizio TV.

  35. MeB

    Vizio Smart TV…’s an oxymoron. None of the “tips & tricks” worked. When I contacted Vizio they basically told me “sorry, you didn’t get the extended warranty, so it will be about $400 to fix it” AND “if the service call doesn’t fix it, it will be a $70 service fee” ummm…and NO fixed TV.
    TV is only 2 years old. It’s already going to the burn pile.

  36. MeB

    We played the “un-plug it, plug it back in” game for a few weeks, expecting some sort of solution. Nope. TV doesn’t work at all. It’s 2 years old. It’s going to the burn pile.

  37. MeB

    That’s just it……it’s a KNOWN ISSUE and Vizio refuses to make it right. They got their money, they don’t care anymore. I’ll never buy another Vizio.

  38. Subjectively Speaking

    I just had mine repaired through vizio warranty. It took a lot of persistence but it finally got done. The technician replaced the video board but still displaying symptom. Power indicator light will turn on and fade like normal and no picture. They then replaced the power board and finally came back on. If no warranty, a M60 C3 power board will set you back $40 – $100 dollars and is simple to replace. I have a 2008 Sharp Aquos and still kicking! The Vizio lasted two months.

  39. tilley rick

    GD it all to hell…QVC sold me this piece of crap and they have no record of me? WHAT THE H ? Eff Them 2 !

  40. Timothy Riley

    Vizio sucks. about 2 years ago my 42 inch vizio started shutting off by itself. There would be a loud screeching noise followed by picture breakup the Power would go off. it would turn right back on but sometimes i would have to unplug ii for a while then turn it back on. This happened like once every 6 months, then once a month down to 20 times an hour until finally It wouldn”t turn back on. Vizios are junk. Thousands of complaints for this very problem.

  41. driverman

    Same here, I hit the on-off and it clicks twice and nothing.This is the second one to go in my house

  42. dah

    My 32 in vizio smart tv would not turn off with remote, tried on/off button in back of tv and that didn’t turn it off either, I had to unplug the cord. I believe I bought my tv in March 2016, so hopefully i can get it fixed

  43. Andrew Sandstrom

    It’s not that the TV won’t turn on. If I have a remote to use it’ll turn on just fine. It’s just that the back button won’t work anymore and I cannot find anything to help me with this.

  44. gcfan141

    @disqus_MtmsQZasNP:disqus Your reply needs to be corrected to, “First of all learn to spell the product your bitching about for fuck’s sake. Dumbass.

  45. Luther Hammett


  46. Johnathan Elmore

    This worked for us the first time, too. After a few weeks this didn’t do the trick anymore. It’s a $60-80 Power supply board fix for us.

  47. Patti Roberts

    I guess i have the same problem as everyone else. Was working fine then we moved and now it won’t work. Power light comes on but won’t go off at all. When its on there is no picture or sound. I have tried the suggestion’s above and nothing. It seems most ar having this around the 2 year mark.

  48. Genova

    I have a weird issue. My Vizio tv will not turn off and I cannot use the remote to get to anything to access the smart tv settings. I have fioptics and the tv still works with that remote though.

  49. PaytonGFFB

    There is a part in the back of the tv, a small board known to go out just after the two year mark. most dont know you can order one online for 15$ or one compatible.

  50. PaytonGFFB

    anyone have there tv turn on to a white sceen? top left corner said power on failure and had the number of times?

  51. PaytonGFFB

    power light comes on then fades but stays on. no image idk how i got it to go to the power faliure sceen. its a e500i-b

  52. PaytonGFFB

    flashlight test knowing if the led backlights are out or power on issue seems to be a must know when determining which board is out theres ussually 3 or 4

  53. Carol Morgan

    My vizio TV is working my remote is not,there is only one Button on the side,when I pushed it didn’t turn my TV off,it just says input,under that it said TV…and some other things,but I can’t turn my TV on it off,and can’t change the channels……help……

  54. Lankygal

    Vizio tv just quit working! Tried all the resets above and nothing! It’s only a little over 2 years old and grrrrrrrr…… What happened to responsible companys that build quality products???

  55. Scott Loyed

    OK, my set just suddenly turns it’s self off. You turn it on and it briefly flashes “No Signal” then turns its self off.

    Any suggestions?

  56. Scott Loyed

    I’m really surprised to see all of these negative comments! My set is a 2007 model and it’s been perfect until just now. My first one crapped out just a month shy of the end of warranty date. They sent a repairman to my house, he did all he could and couldn’t find the problem. He left and 30 minutes later I received a call from Vizio saying that they were shipping me a new set.

  57. Jessica Boyd

    @gcfan, your reply needs to be corrected, *too*.

    @Sinister, It’s “learn to spell the product *you’re* bitching about.”

    As long as we are correcting spelling/grammar on here… 🙂

  58. Sara S

    My Visio model e500i-B1 50 inch has been shipped for wifi repairs for the second time and now, the 24 inch Visio e series we were using in its place will not turn on. A few times recently the picture would go black but I could still hear sound. I would just turn it off when that happened. Now, I can’t even turn it on, despite trying all of the above suggestions. The little white corner light briefly lights up, so I know there is power, but the little light immediately fades off with no picture whatsoever. Anyone know of any recalls on these terrible televisions?

  59. wraith808

    Have you checked to see if the IR transmiter LED is working or not? Here is quick test. Take mobile phone camera (IR enabled) or a photography camera, switch to video mode and point the IR LED remote towards it and press buttons. You should see purplish light through camera. My remote works, but the IR receiver on the TV doesn’t. I just deal with it.

  60. Shelley Scalissi

    My vizio will turn on, but after 5 minutes it shuts itself off. And I have to unplug it for 10 seconds before I can turn it back on. Anyone know what’s wrong with it? I have tried the power cycle and it doesn’t help. There are no sleep timers set either

  61. Dani Elle

    2 years and 2 days after the warranty expired same thing happened with my vizio. Could not power on and only works now if I leave it unplugged overnight. If someone turns the tv accidently, there’s no more watching for the day. VIZIO SUCKS!

  62. Komani Johnson

    I have a vizio e55io b2 and it’s doing the same thing it’s not even 2 years old the light at lower left comes on than within 3 seconds fades out the menu won’t come up nothing

  63. Josh railey

    This TV is complete trash it’s only about 2 years old just like almost everyone else who is having this problem. It legitimately just won’t turn on no little corner light or problem display, none of the methods worked if I don’t get some sort of compensation for this faulty piece of garbage I’m gonna smash it and I’ll never buy another one.

  64. Al Harris

    My Vizio E470VLE will turn on but all I get is the Vizio logo on the screen. At this point no functions work, including the power function. To turn the unit off requires it to be unplugged from the wall. The first two times this happened, simply unplugging it for a while and plugging it back in fixed the problem….but not this time. I have inspected the power board and the main board and see no physical damage. Does anyone have a guess as to which board I should replace?

  65. sher

    My tv looked pixelated and I turned it off. Then it wouldnt power back up..Just shows a black screen. Help

  66. Ashton Clark

    How did they fix it? I am attempting to repair myself. I have already replaced the power board with no change. I turn my tv on and nothing happens expect the status light turns on for a second and then fades out.

  67. Jason

    I actually never got it fixed, as the workaround that I discovered of just unplugging the TV and re-plugging it back in each time before we watch TV always works. Kind of ghetto, but we only watch TV about 1-2 times per wk, so it’s all good.

    Although definitely not perfect, it works for me. These TVs are CRAP and I will never buy a Vizio again!!! When I actually contacted Vizio THERE CUSTOMER SERVICE WAS ATROCIOUS, AND THEY WERE ABSOLUTELY NO HELP AT ALL. They just stated that it was a known cause with these TVs and that the main board and power board needed to be replaced – Talk about NOT standing behind their products at all.

    I didn’t want to get the TV repaired, as I now have NO faith in VIzio’s products, and don’t want to buy a new TV, as I don’t really watch TV. As I mentioned previously, luckily I bought this TV with my American Express, so they refunded me the cost of the $334.50 repair with absolutely no questions asked. I then just pocketed the money.

  68. Harry Eastwood

    I had the same problem, hit the power button, came on, then off, then on, then off… all by itself. Frustrating… BUT parts are SO cheap and EASY to replace I have nothing to complain about. Took a chance that it would be the Power Supply Part # 715G6960-P01-000-002H, Cost me $19 via Ebay, swapped it out and that was it !
    Works perfectly again.
    Parts are SO cheap and Easy to replace !
    Next I was going to try the Motherboard.

  69. Harry Eastwood

    I came here with the on/off.. on/off doing that routine by itself, then tried the “Power Button” “Fix” …. whatever, simply didn’t work. So I figured I’d replace parts by process of elimination…. YES it is VERY easy to replace anything on this unit, and they are CHEAP !!!
    I started with the Power Supply and was going to replace each part, power supply… when they go out or start to go out will do all kinds of goofy things.. so I replace that Part # 715G6960-P01-000-002H and that did it. was lucky that it was the first part i ordered and replaced, but everything else is easy to get to and replace and they are CHEAP !. The power supply cost me less than $20 with shipping to my door in 2 days ! But FYI, most of them are around $32, I got lucky !

  70. Harry Eastwood

    That’s basically what mine did. I replaced the power supply via Ebay part #715G6960-001-000-002H, they’re around $30

  71. MeB

    Yes…..a friend who repairs computers ordered the part & installed it for me. $25 + I paid him gas money.
    Visio wanted around $400 with no guarantees.

  72. Richard M

    My problem is that the power cord must be unplugged and then plugged back in for the power buttons to work at all. Once I change channels or volume ONCE, then I must recycle the power by unplugging/replugging in order for anything to work again. If I change channels, I have to do it all over again.

  73. Robert

    I have a 22″ vizio that after turning it on, it works but if I turn it off and later try to turn it on, it won’t come on, led lights up white but that is it. I followed some videos from you tube but they show burnt up parts, my tv doesn’t have anything burnt. Please help.

  74. izraulhidashi

    There are over 10,000 complaints about VIZIO TV black outs after 2 years. Where are all the lawsuits? People need to quit crying and take action. They shifted an expensive burden onto customers. Make them pay! They can’t refute mass complaints about the same issue after the same amount of time. That is clear evidence of a manufacturer defect.

    Stop whining and start winning.

  75. izraulhidashi

    If you rather not fight or take action then there is one other solution you can try.. I know it’s going to sound weird but bare with me.

    1. Unplug the TV from the wall.
    2. Get some Elmers glue and Sand
    3. Get a Condom, put glue on it, then sand.
    4. Go back to where you bought the TV
    5. Hand sales rep the condom, unbutton pants and bendover

  76. Kathleen Mack

    This advice was very helpful. I now see there IS a power button. So if it’s the remote, is there now a way to adjust the volume by hand?

  77. Cody Doyle

    Mine had a black screen, yet audio. I tried to reset via the power button, now it doesn’t even turn on! Ugh any suggestions?

  78. Cherry Ronan

    Why vizio don’t close the company down or fix the problems because everyone having the same problem

  79. Robert

    I have a 22″ vizio that won’t power on after shutting it down until unplugged after a few minutes. Please help.

  80. Jen Redifer

    Same here!! A little less than 2 years old and it died yesterday!! The guy tried to tell me there’s no guarantee with electronics after I said a TV shouldnt only last for 2 years!! I told him that’s ridiculous, that we don’t buy these expensive TVs to have go replace them every 2 years and that a 2 year time line is bs!! I don’t have any other electronics that only lasted 2 years. In fact I have a 55 inch lg that’s 6 years old and still perfect. I just think that apparently vizio is straight garbage!!

  81. Debbie Bashford

    add me to the list but thank goodness the unplugging worked this time. My Visio shuts itself off and on randomly every few hours. Normally at an inopportune time in the show or movie I’m watching but at least it comes back on. My next tv will not be a Visio

  82. Amaryss Kayleen

    Sounds like my situation. Has anyone found answers? I’ve had mine for about 2 years and it won’t turn on, power light fades out.

  83. Sherry Ruggles Lahr Hooper

    My TV is doing the same thing. It’s only 2 1/2 years old. I was told it would be very costly to repair. Very disappointed with Vizio.

  84. Duff Walton

    I have the same problem. My tv is just 2 years old. Nothing looks burnt or discolored in the back. Who should i talk to. I’m on disability through work and can not just go out and buy a brand new tv.

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