How To Fix Vizio TV Remote Problems In 5 Simple Steps

Having remote problems?

When your remote stops working you are pretty much done using your television. Without the remote you will not be able to access many of the TV’s features including internet apps like Netflix.

Luckily, I have a few simple steps you can take to fix nearly any remote problem.

How To Fix Your Vizio TV Remote Control

  1. Make sure nothing is blocking the signal from the remote to the TV
  2. Power Cycle the remote
  3. Power cycle the TV
  4. Use new batteries in the remote
  5. Contact Vizio if the remote still isn’t working to get a replacement

1. Make Sure Nothing Is Blocking The IR Sensor

Most TV remotes send signals to the TV using infrared (IR) light. This is how a remote can send commands to the TV to control it. TVs have a sensor on them that receives the signal the remote sends but if something is blocking this sensor  then the TV cannot receive commands from the remote when you press the remote buttons.

The IR sensor on Vizio TVs is located on either the lower left corner or the lower right (usually the former) of the TV’s bezel. Make sure there is nothing that might be blocking the signal from the remote to the IR sensor. The most common things that could be blocking the sensor are the ledge of whatever object the TV sits on, picture frames, or stacks of DVDs.

Move anything that might be blocking the sensor then test the remote again. If you are able to control the volume or the power then you have discovered what was causing the problem and fixed the issue.

2. Power Cycle The Remote

Power cycling the remote resets it. This can also loosen a button on the remote you may not have realized was wedged down.

Take the batteries out of the remote. Press every single button on the remote while the batteries are out. Press each button at least once.

Doing this clears residual power from the remote and sometimes helps us get rid of odd problems. Test the remote again to see if it can control the TV now.

3. Power Cycle The TV

Sometimes the problem isn’t the remote. Sometimes the problem is the TV. A quick way to fix this is to power cycle.

Just unplug the TV from the power outlet and hold down the power button on the side of the TV for 15 seconds. Doing this drains residual power and can clear up odd issues. Then plug the TV back in and power it on.

Test the remote again to see if it’s working.

4. Try Using New Batteries

I saved this step for last because I don’t want readers to spend money on batteries when the issue could be fixed using other methods. If the remote isn’t working after completing all the steps listed above then it’s time to use new batteries in the remote.

Most Vizio remotes will take either two AA batters or two AAA batteries. Try a fresh pair of batteries to see if this fixes your remote problems.

5. “My Remote Still Isn’t Working!”

Is the remote still not working? If you have done all the steps in this article and you still cannot use your remote then you probably need to replace it.

If your TV is still covered by Vizio’s 12 month warranty then you will want to call Vizio. They will verify your warranty using the serial number of the TV and send you a replacement remote free of charge.

Contact Vizio technical support at 1 (888) 849-4623.

If your warranty is expired though then you will need to buy a new remote. Vizio has remotes available in their online store for nearly all models of TVs.

Do you have any questions or comments about Vizio TV remotes. Please share in the comments below!






63 thoughts on “How To Fix Vizio TV Remote Problems In 5 Simple Steps

  1. Snarkaroni™

    This worked great…for about 15 minutes. Then I’m right back where I started. I’ve now done this process 4 times already today. Now what?

  2. wildcard

    The back of the remote has become very sticky . What can I use to clean it. Soap and Goo-Gone have not worked. UGH !!!

  3. Mike Frampton

    I have 2 Vizio TVs. My remote works on one but not the other so I know it’s not the remote.. There was a firmware update about 2 weeks ago and the problem started shortly after the update. My other TV also had the same update but still works fine. Either the firmware goofed the sensor on the TV up or it has gone bad. I’ve already powered cycled the Tv and still nothing. The sensor is clean, nothing is blocking it etc.. WHAT TO DO NOW.

  4. Robin Murray Bookter

    Did you get a result? This is happening to us and it happened last year too. I can’t get it to work this time

  5. happy2retire

    Thanks for the help…I went thru the steps and the unplugging of the TV was the one that got the remote working again!!!

  6. Frank

    my tv worked great. i have a 3D vizio tv and it no longer responds to remotes. have 2 other vizios that work fine. bought extended warranty but lost my receipt and nobody wants to help now that i dont have proof i bought it, so pissed off.

  7. Jeffrey Runswick Sr.

    I just bought a Vizio E24-C1 with built in wifi. The remote works perfectly…until you start Netflix. Once you navigate the movie selection screen and the movie starts playing, I lose all control of the TV. I have to physically unplug the TV from the wall to regain access.

    Any help???

  8. Rebecca

    Thank you! I spent two frustrating days trying to figure out why the remote wasn’t working. Taking out the batteries and pushing all the buttons fixed it in two minutes. Wonderful! Thank you!

  9. Rami

    I have a UHD M60-C3. when I turn it on it acts like the Input button is being held down and the on screen display keeps shifting between inputs. the remote is not even nearby. what could be causing this?

  10. angry

    this did f**k all. this was very expensive, I do not have the money to replace it and the tv has not even been used for six months. I am never buying a vizio product again.

  11. Bob Molina

    if you only had the TV 6 months, you should be able to get a free remote under the warrenty.

    5. “My Remote Still Isn’t Working!”

    Is the remote still not working? If you have done all the steps in
    this article and you still cannot use your remote then you probably need
    to replace it.

    If your TV is still covered by Vizio’s 12 month warranty then you
    will want to call Vizio. They will verify your warranty using the serial
    number of the TV and send you a replacement remote free of charge.

  12. Fixed my problem

    So happy I found this info! My Vizio TV was stuck on a screen I had never seen before. I could hear my shows but not see them. Nothing I tried worked. I had already unplugged the TV and plugged it back in. When I took the batteries out of the remote, pushed every single button on the remote, and put the batteries back in, as suggested, I finally got my picture back!! So happy.

  13. Jay Johnson

    This was great I I never heard of taking the batteries out of a remote then turning it over and manually depressing every single button then putting batteries back in, but ” TAH DAH” the remote is working again! A big “THANK YOU”
    is in order!

  14. Mel

    We shouldnt have to pay for a replacement TV remote for the smart tv that’s beyond whack. And not fair I got mine last April as a gift and now it decides to not work. Unreal. BS

  15. Angie Salinas

    My remote is fine, except for the “V” button that has access to the apps. I have tried everything and it didn’t help.I bought the TV at Walmart, but the only problem is the remote, any advice ?

  16. snelly

    Hello, I know it’s been 4 months since you’ve written this, but we’re having a similar issue, trying to look up how to resolve this, and was wondering if yours ever decided to start working again…

  17. Darlene

    It’s not the remote.. I have two directv remotes and the vizio remote that’s hardly been used and I have tried everything suggested and none of the remotes will operate the tv… It will the directv box, but not the tv

  18. Brandi Navarrette

    I just bought my 50 inch vizio from someone and everything goes on but the only thing wrong is my channel and volume dont work on t.v

  19. Aisha Odusanya

    When I press the Via button on my tv it loads but nothing ever shows up. I want to download YouTube but it doesn’t give me that option.

  20. Mal N Jon Vives

    I have a model D48-D0 48″ VIZIO that i bought yesterday and the remote that came with the TV only work like 10 inches from the TV it’s not letting me work the remote any farther than that… it only works short range how can I fix this problem??? I also have Dish TV I live in Massachusetts and we called dish TV and tried every code there was even a manager’s code to try to get it to work to the Vizio TV and it does not work. Any suggestions for that too? Help me!!!!!! I’m so fustrated

  21. Susan Bell

    This article is the best! I had my remote and tv talking again in less than 5 minutes.

  22. rakuspirit

    Thank you so much for this. I expected a long phone call to Vizio and then to the cable company as they both blame each other, but this worked like a charm and within a few minutes I had it working. I even sent this to my son who was having similar problems to see if it would work for him.

  23. Kathleen M. Tripp

    If you lost your receipt you can contact the co. you purchased from and they can look you up and possibly send you a copy of receipt to your email….

  24. Jim and Peggyrose Swartzentrub

    Remote quite working. Replaced batteries. NO JOY.
    Ordered new remote. Still NO joy.
    Went through all the steps above… unpluged held power button on TV, Took batteries out of remote, pressed every button twice. STILL NO JOY.
    What next??

  25. Chad Hines

    I have an E500i-A1 tv and KWR144803/02 XRA700 remote. I can get the TV to turn on using the white TV power button on the remote, nothing else works. Is there something I need to do in the TV settings to pair them?

  26. gypsyrose1

    Both the TV remote and the DISH remote stopped working at the same time. The TV can only be turned on manually. I went through all the steps above and still no good. The TV is only a couple of years old. It should not be a disposable item.
    Does anyone ever respond to these messages?

  27. ersc

    My Vizio TV just had an odd issue. My Wife was watching Netflix, all of the sudden it exited the program and the remote barely works. Remote has fresh batteries and works perfectly with our other Vizio TV. You’ve got about 2 feet of range on the other one, and it’s erratic. Holding down volume up, it will go up steadily, then go up about 10-15 really fast, then continue going steady. Everything is real jerky. But back away more than a couple feet, and you’ve got nothing. All lights turned off, nothing in the way of the sensor, even wiped it with lens cleaner to make sure.

    Unplugged the TV overnight, tried the other remote, even factory reset the set with no dice and absolutely no help from Vizio.

    Anyone have this issue or resolve it?

    Mine’s still under warranty, so I can certainly dump it off in exchange for a new TV, but I’d like to give them a chance to redeem.

    Hasn’t happened yet…

  28. JJ

    I’m in the same boat. Was working fine with my phone’s IR blaster and the directv remote, then one day it just stopped.

  29. JJ

    I’ve ordered a replacement sensor my my tv model. I’ll repost when I get it and replace it. Hopefully that fixes the issue. The sensors are about $20 + a core charge.

  30. Mary Cathleen

    Remote stopped functioning and I followed the above directions and now the remote intermittently functions. I can change the channel using the up or down options. However, this is not functioning properly as well. I just opened the box and started to use this tv two weeks ago. For a Smart TV I am a bit concerned that this is going to be a problematic issue and not easy to resolve. Especially from the comment JJ stated from the Tech he spoke with. This does seem to be an issue with this brand.

  31. Linda Martin

    I had the same problem… Try putting PEEL SMART REMOTE on your smartphone . I just chose TV make and the Vizio is back up and running. Aside for the new TV we had replaced it with ( because nothing worked) it was a quick Free fix

  32. JJ

    Got the IR sensor board delivered and replaced it in my tv, and unfortunately no luck. Since the board is connected to the CPU board of the tv via a ribbon cable, that leaves either the cable, the cpu board, or a firmware glitch. I looked over the cable and it looks good, so I’m leaning towards the latter two.

  33. Jennifer O'Bryan

    SO HAPPY!! PROBLEM FIXED!! My TV was stuck on YouTube. After trying to scroll to the 2nd letter to in the song I wanted to play, it just FROZE UP! I could still hear the Direct TV, but couldn’t see anything except the frozen screen on YouTube. Couldn’t use the manual on or off power on back of TV & I tried everything to make the TV remote to make it work. NOTHING!!! I was so frustrated until I said a prayer & tried Option #3, which was (Power Cycle The TV.) Option #2 didn’t work. I’m so thankful I found this website, and problem was resolved so easily! What really makes me happy is my Mom that now lives with me can do what she loves the most , and that’s watch her shows again!! Hopefully this post can help someone else as well.

  34. Ike MC

    I am having the same problem everyone else is having. Remote not working, no solution. Tried the power cycle on both TV and remote. Tried a few other tricks that I read on a different site. Had some intermittent luck but that was short lived. I tried the Vizio TV remote app and that worked for a second then stopped. It has to be the sensor or the board. This is a TV that probably only has about 50 hours on it. I talked to Vizio and told them everything I had already done to troubleshoot the problem. Their response was I have to buy a new remote,…. and that my TV was just out of warranty so IF it was the sensor I would have to pay out of pocket OR purchase a new Vizio product! Yeah let me jump on that right away. Never Vizio again, what a piece of crap.

  35. Carol Morgan

    If my remote isn’t working how do I shut off my tV and turn it on again…
    It has no buttons on the TV…it does have small button on the side but i don’t know what that is..

  36. Lance Mattson

    I was told by vizio tht 90 percent of this problem is the main board needs replaced not the ir sensor or ir board..

  37. Dave Bakalec

    I woke up and my remote won’t work. I tried everything. I thought the remote was broke but I bought a universal and still nothing. I tried programming my cable box remote and nothing. My tv has no buttons it for power, volume, channel, menu etc… I use my cable box remote for everything else like changing the channels. But I can’t tune the volume up or down or turn my tv off or switch to DVD or Netflix etc… I’m afraid if I unplug it and plug it back in, it won’t come back on cause there’s no buttons on the tv itself to turn it on. It’s only 2 years old and I’d hate to buy a new one. But I think the tv is just not receiving any remote signals. People I’ve talked to have never even heard this happen before. Any input would help?

  38. Jon O'Data

    TV locked up when I paused YouTube for a few minutes. No response so I unplugged the TV. Found this site, tried power cycling the remote. No luck yet although it did turn back on with the DirectTV remote. How can I power cycle the TV when there is no power button on it? Just unplug it for a while longer? Or just get a new remote? Thanks.

  39. Carol Nocchi Bemben

    I have the same problem and I am very surprised because the TV is only 3 years old and doesnt have much time on it. The eye is bad the technitions hAD us buy a new remote for nothing.

  40. Shasta

    Thank you so much! Got to the step to unplug my TV and noticed that the TV cable was not fitted as nice as it should have been in the back of the TV. I would have never thought to even look if I hadn’t read through your steps. Thank you for sharing your knowledge in my time of need!

  41. Mike Blanton

    Just want to say thank you,I turned off my tv waited 15 mins.holding the power button and it worked,thanks alot

  42. Francis LeCain

    Went through the steps outlined above and peel smart started to work from my phone. I have had the original and two replacement vizio remotes fail because the IR blaster died. I’ve been using my phone now for 26 months

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