Line Defects On Vizio TV Screens

Line defect on a Vizio TV.

See the white line on TV pictured above? If you see a line on your TV screen it might be the result of several causes. Some might be simple to fix and others may actually require you to replace the TV.

Pixels on a TVs display panel are organized in groups of straight vertical lines. If a single pixel fails this may cause the entire group of pixels to fail as well. This then creates vertical lines as pictured here.

Red line on the Vizio TV screen.

Line defects can be multiple. Notice the line defect above is red but they can be white, green, or blue.

A block of white lines on a Vizio TV.

Lines can fail in a big group creating a thick line that is always present. In the photo of the TV above a series of pixel lines failed together creating the white block on the display.

Line on the TV menu.

Open the MENU button on your Vizio remote to open the TV’s onscreen menu. If the line appears over the TV menu then the TV has a panel line defect.

You Might Not Have A Line Defect

Don’t panic! Seeing a line on the display is nothing to worry about. It might be easily fixable. There are a couple of things you will want to test with the TV to determine why a line is on the screen.

First test the picture using multiple devices connected to your TV. If you first see the line while watching cable TV then try opening an Internet app. If you don’t use the internet apps then try using a DVD player or a video game console.

The point is you want to look at the picture form at least two devices connected to the TV. Check to see if the line is visible when using both devices. If the line is only visible when using one device then the problem is coming from whatever device is connected when you see the line. If the line is visible on multiple devices connected to the TV then the problem is likely a panel line defect.

What To Do If Your TV Has A Line Defect

TVs with line defects need to be replaced. The cost of repairing a TV like this would end up equaling the cost of a brand new television so attempting to repair it isn’t even worth it.

If your Vizio TV was purchased less than 12 months ago the warranty will still be active. Vizio’s warranty for new TVs covers any factory defect. A panel line defect is considered a factory defect.

Vizio will replace the TV. There are a couple different options for replacement depending on the size of the TV. Smaller TVs will be replaced through the mail. TVs that are 40″ or larger are eligible for an in home replacement.

Contact Vizio tech support right away if your warranty is still active. They can be reached at 877-698-4946.

If the warranty on your TV is expired then there isn’t much that can be done. You would be better off replacing the TV rather than attempting to repair it. The cost of repairing the panel would be close to the cost of going out and buying a brand new television.

I hope this information has been helpful. Do you have any other questions or comments about line defects or other display problems? If you do please leave them in the comments section below. And please remember to like the article on Facebook and share on Twitter.

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18 thoughts on “Line Defects On Vizio TV Screens

  1. Tendo Santos


    My Vizio TV has a serie of vertical pixel lines failed creating a thick green line and it is taking 1/4 of my 43″ screen. it has less than 2 months that I’ve purchased it and I did all the steps mentioned above but they were in vain. I need help!

    Thank for your attention,

    Tendo Santos

  2. Duped

    Good luck. Lost a 42″ and 60″ smart TV in less than 5years. NO MORE vizio for me. Don’t ever buy a vizio. They just said replacement is needed.tra LA there is no 1500$ floating in the bottom of my cracker Jack box for a worthless VIZIO how about yourself??

  3. sd

    my viz. 50″ m series 4k . has a flicker where the upper left 1/4 of the screen goes black for 2 seconds 3x per hour or so but only when watching 4k? is it the tv or my receiver?

  4. Tina Williams

    I’m with you no more Vizio for me . I have a 4 month old 70 inch tv has been in the same place no one has messed with it nothing. Guess what I ended up with vertical lines and horzional lines and this blotch. Called Vizio these people were rude, I turned them to BBB and again they where rude. Tell ing me it has physical damage. Lol get this I was kinda in shock over this one we will sell u a discount tv. The price they offered me was no deal at all turns out I could buy the tv cheaper at Best Buy. Vizio is American made, is this company expressing true values of American people……. Turns out there r over 1500 complaints same thing. http://www.Consumer affairs .com U can find a lot out about this. also my email is after all my search I’ve had a attorney contact me about a filing a class action lawsuit.

  5. MJD

    When considering buying a Vizio, factor in the cost of an extended warranty, there was a recall, very recently, because of the red line problem. Mine is pretty bad, got the red lines shortly after the warranty expired 🙁

  6. dalek

    My 2015 m65-c1 got the blue line 13 months after I bought it! How the hell do we deal with crap like this?!

  7. Don Schoenborn

    My vizio picture went out. have sound. have 5 year warranty. problem is they want to exchange it for a lesser tv. mine is a P SERIES, the tv they want me to accept is a E SERIES. There techs say same tv. anyone know if that is true. i am not a tv person.but i do know that a P series tv cost more than a E is a 60 inch tv 4 k

  8. America First

    Article says “Don’t panic! Seeing a line on the display is nothing to worry about. It might be easily fixable.”, but doesn’t suggest even one fix!

  9. gangsta_gangsta_thug_killa

    Don’t buy a Vizio ever again is what you do and always get at least a 3 year warranty

  10. gangsta_gangsta_thug_killa

    The newer E series are probably a bit better than the older P series. Or you could move on from Vizio.

  11. gangsta_gangsta_thug_killa

    Same experience, but mine failed at 14 months.

    Nothing worse than having a permanent line through your screen.

    At 14 months at ~1700 dollars that is 121 dollars per month, so could be worse, but yeah, if you are unlucky, that’s what you get for buying a cheap TV brand. Vizio prices are great, picture quality is great, but you know as soon as you get it that the build quality is not that great. Unfortunate.

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