My Vizio TV Can’t Connect To The Internet

Are you not able to use Netflix on your Vizio TV? Maybe you found that Amazon isn’t working or maybe you checked your Network settings and saw a message that says “Download Not Available”.

Loss of internet connection can happen on any connected device. Luckily there are ways around this so you can get online and start using your apps again.

Connecting Your TV To The Internet

Getting your TV connected to the internet is pretty simple. If you plan on connecting using a hardwired connection all you need to do is connect an Ethernet cord from your router to your TV. Then you’re done!

Connecting to WiFi takes a few extra steps but it’s still pretty simple.

  1. Press MENU on your remote control. The opens the TV menu on the screen.
  2. Select NETWORK on the screen to access the internet connection preferences.
  3. All available WiFi networks will be listed here. Select your Wifi network and press the OK button on the remote. If your wireless network has a password you will then be prompted to enter it.

That’s it! After you type your WiFi password in your TV will then be able to get online. Now you can start using Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu and all the other awesome apps.

“My Apps Are Not Working!”

if your apps are not working there is a good chance there is an internet connection problem with your device but problems with apps can be caused by other things. The firs thing to do is to check to make sure this is an internet connection problem.

How To Confirm You Have An Internet Connection Problem In 3 Easy Steps!

  1. First press the MENU button on your remote control. This will make the onscreen menu appear on the TV display.
  2. Select the option on the screen that says NETWORK.  This will open the internet connection settings menu.
  3. Then select the section that says TEST CONNECTION. This tests the strength and speed of the internet connection.

Now that you have selected the Test Connection button you will see a page that gives you information about your TV’s network connection. We first want to make sure your TV is even connected to your network.

If your TV is connected to the internet wirelessly you will see the name of your WiFi network listed on this screen. If you don’t see the name of your wireless network then that means your TV is no longer connected to your network. Repeat the steps above to connect your TV to your network.

Maybe you do see your WiFi network listed. That’s great because this confirms the TV is talking to your WiFi router. There’s something else causing an issue though. Look on the screen for a section labeled DOWNLOAD. This section lists tells us if the TV is actually able to use the internet. It may take a few moments for the download section to appear on the screen so just give your TV a few moments to think.

Hopefully the DOWNLOAD section has a few numbers listed next to it. If there are numbers listed there that means the TV can get online now. The numbers are a measurement of the internet connection speed. This is measure in Kbps (kilobytes per second).

Ideally you would like to have an internet connection speed of 3000 Kbps or higher. If you do then you should have no problem using the apps on your TV. You can get away with a slower connection but if it’s too slow then you may not be able to use apps. A speed of 500 Kbps will almost certainly keep you from being able to use any apps on your TV. If it’s slow then you may need to contact your internet service provider about the speed of your internet connection.

If you don’t have a internet connection speed listed then that means your TV is not yet about to use the internet. After selecting Test Connection you might see a message saying DOWNLOAD NOT AVAILABLE. This means the TV does not have a connection to the internet yet. But don’t worry because we can fix that!

How To Fix “Download Not Available”

“Download Not Available” means your TV cannot connect to the internet yet. If you have already verified the TV is connected to your WiFi network there are several things that could be causing the “Download Not Available” message.

Of course I’m assuming your other WiFi connected devices can get online. Test out another wireless device  like a laptop or a tablet to see if it can connect to the internet. If it can then your internet connection is working and you should move onto the following steps. If it cannot then there is an issue with your network and you should call your internet provider.

1. Make Sure DHCP Is Turned On

DCHP or dynamic Host Configuration Protocol is a setting that ensures the TV can get information it needs from your wireless router to connect to the internet. In almost all cases you want this setting to be on. There are a few cases were it may need to be turned off but these are rare.

  1. Press MENU.
  2. Select NETWORK on the display.
  3. Select MANUAL SETUP on the display.

When you select MANUAL SETUP you will see a section at the top labeled DHCP. Next to it will be the word ON or OFF. If it’s off and you’re having an internet connection problem then turn it on. Then test out your apps to see if they are working.

If they are working now that’s great! You’re done and you can begin using your apps. If you still can’t use your apps then move onto the next step.

2. Power Cycle Your TV and Router

This is pretty simple. All you need to do is just unplug your TV, your modem, and your wireless router from the power.

It’s not enough to just turn them off. You must disconnect them from the power outlet. Leave everything unplugged for at least 60 seconds. Then reconnect your modem and router to the power first. Gives these a few moments to power up. You will know they are on again when all the lights are lit up.

Then plug the TV and power it on. Go to your network settings and select TEST CONNECTION again. If you see a download speed then your TV is online. If it still says “Download Not Available” then the TV is still not online.

3. Reset Your TV To Factory Defaults

Now it’s time for the nuclear option!

Resetting your TV takes it back to the factory settings. It makes it just like it was when you first took it out of the box. If none of the previous steps have worked this is what you want to try next.

The menu’s on Vizio TVs differ slightly from model to model.  There are two ways you will be able to reset the TV.

How To Reset On TVs Two years Old Or Newer
  1.  Press MENU on your remote.
  2.  Select SYSTEM from the onscreen menu.
  4.  Choose the option labeled RESET TV TO FACTORY DEFAULTS.
  5. The TV will now ask you to confirm you want to reset.   Select RESET  on the screen.

The TV will now reset itself. The start up menu will walk you through the steps of connecting to the TV to your wifi network again and will prompt you to set up your cable or satellite TV service.

After completing the TV setup to to your network settings and test your internet connection again. Do you see a download speed listed? Great! You’re online now. If not then move onto step 4.

 4. Changing Router Settings

Vizio TVs have trouble connecting to the internet when using certain wifi routers. This is because of security settings on routers. You want to make sure that your router is using an internet connection settings called WPA PSK TKIP. This is the security setting that works best with  Vizio TVs.

You can call your internet service provider to ask them how to change the security type of the router to WPA PSK TKIP.

If you use Comcast Xfinity internet service you will probably have a Arris brand router. The most common model is TG862. These often have security settings that cause conflicts with Vizio TVs. Luckily the settings of these routers are easy to change.

How To Change Security Settings On An Arris Wireless Router
  1. You will need a laptop or a desktop computer for this steps. Open a web browser (like Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Google Chrome) and type “” into the address bar (leave the quotation marks out when you type it in). This will open the router settings log in screen.
  2. The log in screen will have fields for typing in your username and your password. The username by default is “admin’ and the default password is “password”. Remember to type these in without the quotation marks and int lower case. Once you type this in you now have access to your router settings.
  3. Click on CONNECTION on the left side of the screen.
  4. Click on WiFi on the left side of the display.
  5. Click on the EDIT button on the right side of the display.
  6. There will be a drop down menu labeled Security Type now. This is where you can choose the type of security settings your WiFi router uses. Click on the drop down menu to see the available options. There will be several security types listed. Choose the one labeled WPA PSK TKIP. There may be several with similar names but make sure to use WPA PSK TKIP.
  7. Then click on SAVE CHANGES.

Now test the internet connection on your TV. You may need to unplug the TV 60 seconds or reset the TV to factory defaults and sign into your wifi network again in order to get online.

Once you test your internet connection hopefully you will see a download speed listed. If you do you are done and you can now start watching your TV apps.

“But I Still Can’t Use My Apps!”

If you are still unable to use your apps after completing the above steps there is still an issue with the TV or your internet connection. It’s time to call Vizio customer service at this point because there may be some underlying problem with your TV that requires it to be serviced.

Contact Vizio Technical support at:

1 (877) 698-4946

A friendly US based representative will be able to help you diagnose the problem and find a solution so you can start using your internet apps.

32 thoughts on “My Vizio TV Can’t Connect To The Internet

  1. Not Monitored

    Not too useful a TV for a motorhome
    For site connections where the network security protocol requires both a username and password you will not be able to connect because there is no browser to display the login screen.

  2. Stephski

    Changing the router setting to WPA PSK TKIP finally worked for me!! Of course I tried every other trick as well on this list (factory reset, unplug, etc.), so maybe the combo helped! Went from 696 kbps to 4900-5700 kbps!!! Router is on 2nd floor and this particular Vizio TV is in the basement. So signal strength is challenged regardless. OH and it is (1 is the last number, not 0) Comcast/Xfinity. thank you!

  3. Henry Hill

    My TV freezes if I select Netflix. The TV works fine on other’s just netflix that does not work.

  4. Facebook User

    I tried everything. Finally started running a ethernet cable from my router to my TV. Would disconnect it after watching and roll it up. What a PITA. Then I found a Netgear WNCE2001 ethernet bridge. BINGO!! works great. No wires!! works everytime

  5. Paul

    I purchased my first and last Vizio. It would connect to my Network after I spent a few hours doing everything listed here and more but when it was switched off I would have to start the procedure all over again. I solved the problem by buying a Rocku box for that tv. Since then I have only bought Samsung for other rooms and have never had a problem. I had called Vizio and got nowhere. Amazing that this company is still in business

  6. Debbie Ann Waterman

    i unplugged the tv and my new wireless router and waited the 60 seconds and i had internet on my new tv . Thanks

  7. Gilbert Marrero

    I will never purchase another Vizio product. I have to reset/reconnect almost every time I walk into the room to watch TV. My internet is fine, all my other devices connect. Netflix has walked me through this more times than I care to admit. I connect, I watch Netflix and then the next time, I have to unplug, reset, reboot. At work, a nursing home ,with Vizio tv’s, the clients stopped watching tv since, the vizio tv’s don’t connect with the cable boxes properly. All the other TV, which by the way, were way cheaper, work without a hitch. Solution, Dump your Vizio on Best Buys door step and drive away. Then pick up another non-vizio television.

  8. zitsky

    What I had to do is *temporarily* disable the firewall in my Internet router (Netgear 7550). Then my TV, a Vizio M50-C1 was able to contact the registration server. I confirmed this by going into System menu. Then I turned the firewall back on and the apps were still working.

  9. sceptick

    I started with most simple fix, unplug the TV, wait 60 seconds, plug back in. IT WORKED. Occams razor.
    Thanks for this site.

  10. David Dunick

    The connection problem with our Vizio Smart TV started when Comcast forced a new Cable Modem down my throat. After weeks of “reminding” me to do it, my wife setup the new router herself. We immediately began to have connection issues with the Vizio, while other devices worked fine, and speedtest showed 25mb/Down and 5mb/Up. I would reset the TV to factory defaults, enter the network information, and connect successfully, only to find lagging/dropped connections and many frustrated viewing hours.

    THE FIX: Type in your Internet Browser (For Comcast) and this will take you to your router settings. Click “Connection” on the left panel. Click “WiFi” on the left panel. In the “Private Wi-Fi Network” tab click the “EDIT” button. Choose the “WPA-PSK (TKIP)” option….ANY OTHER OPTION WILL CAUSE THE APPS NOT TO WORK. Retest the connection and instead of seeing “Download Not Available” you will now see a connection speed. Please post if this was helpful.

  11. Aldair Lopez

    How can i connect my vizio tv at internet with cable (no wi fi ) ? Anyone can help me please

  12. Brock Webb

    This was a sticky problem, as a wired connection worked, and there were no issues connecting to the wireless, but no internet access. Tried WPS, but did not work. I tried the factory resets, cycling power, turning off the firewall for a short time, using WPA PSK TKIP, etc. Nothing was working, got the no download error still.

    Success occurred, but spent too much time 😉 … the problem turned out (my best guess) in the parental controls in the router…


    1) Turned DHCP Off

    2) Set a static IP in the router (comcast router)

    3) set perf DNS: (I read in other support forums that may have issues)

    4) set alt. DNS to (Google’s — read in other support forums to try this one too)

    None of these worked until… I went into parental control and looked at the logs — there were blocked packets going to the DNS. hmmmmm…

    5) even though all parental controls for sites/services/devices were “disabled” I “enabled” them, then “disabled” again. I “trusted” all devices (and I did know those devices could be trusted 😉 )

    6) retested the network connection and achieved success (mental ‘happy dance’ ensued)

    The issue is that I do not know entirely why I had to cycle the parental controls, or trust every computer/device, but the log files did not lie — I was being blocked.

    From reading other support forums, this seemed like a difficult case as most of the solutions failed. I was clued into checking the parental controls, but dismissed that early because they were “disabled” at first glance.

    Was the this the ‘secret sauce’ — maybe — but give it a try!

  13. JCM

    Brand new E40-C2. Unit will connect to the internet, gets an IP address, it shows up in on my network, and I can ping it on the network.
    However now of the ‘net apps worked. Called service and they only thing they can do is fix it.
    A brand new TV half the features don’t work.

  14. Blah

    I agree! Ours changes languages and the speeds fluctuates. Online gaming is hit and miss. We will never buy another Vizio smart ( dumb) tv

  15. Katherine

    I am very disappointed in this new Vizio 24″ smart TV. We have a strong wifi available only for residents in this facility that requiresa unique password. We get a strong connection with the tv but download is not available because it never prompts me for a password. When I called technical support I got a snotty young man who said its because there wasn’t enough power on shared networks and these tvs don’t work on shared networks. When I asked him why the literature didn’t warn you that these don’t work on shared wifi before you buy he said sometimes they do…
    Excuse me? Apparently he said he is the SR technical support available for Vizio and there wasn’t anyone else to talk to. I’ll never buy another Vizio product simply because of the lack of knowledgeable technical support personnel. Unacceptable!

  16. Sj Merchant

    I just fixed this, GO TO TV Settings, choose About TV scroll down thru the TV info and at the bottom there is a SERVICE RESET…Choose it and viola it works just did it!

  17. Frustrated

    I had an issue with my vizio TV which wouldnot connect any of the apps to the internet even though my wifi was working on all my other devices, so after trying all the options I changed my routers security settings to WPA-PSK-TPIK, now it is able to connect to the internet and all the inbuilt apps work just fine.
    But the problem is my router speed went down from 50 Mbps to 15Mbps as TPIK is a legacy protocol and I cannot use high speed.

    Does this mean that Vizio TV can only work with TPIK, or is there any issue with my router that doesn’t have a good AES signal.

  18. Shea Thompson

    This was my last try – after hours of trying everything else on here…and BAM!!! Only thing that worked!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!

  19. Nate VK

    Made an account just to thank you for posting this. Tried it and it worked perfectly. Saved me from a lot of stress.

  20. angelicness11

    The fix for me was to choose a WIFI connection that was “locked” because only then the enter password field appeared. The one we normally use is shown as “unlocked” and the enter password field never appeared. If entering your password still doesn’t work, make sure WPA-PSK (once you click on your network) is set to Auto. This was the solution for me. Took me almost 2 hours to figure out. Hope it saves someone time out there!

  21. Shelly Trigg

    Do i have to have a ethernet cable or any wired connection to connect to wifi? I have wifi modem thru cox downstairs. All my other devices work fine.

  22. Ruth Barili Richmond

    You rock!!! Thank you. Followed your direction to connect my Smsrt TV to the internet and it worked.

  23. Lindsey 11971

    I just got a vizio tv and I want to connect it to the wifi wireless so I press menu and there is
    •guide setup
    But there is no network setting for me to click on . I don’t have it

  24. Rahat Ali

    Its horrible, right on the first year anniversary of the TV I have the same issue. However, shows Download as NOT AVAILABLE. I have been trying for 3 hours to fix this. I cannot foresee myself ever buying this product, ever again…horrible!

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